Earth Angel Doula Care: Welcoming Your Newest Earth Angel







Touch FaceServices I Provide

For you and your partner:

  • Emotional and physical support for mother
  • Parenting guidance
  • Massage and touch treatments
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Mexican rebozo treatment for mother
  • Resource referrals (books, counselors, websites, etc)

For your family and home:

  • Infant massage and instruction for parents
  • Overnights (feeding, diapering, putting to sleep)
  • Cooking healthy meals for your family
  • Helping older siblings with adjustment
  • Babysitting other children
  • Caring for your infant (so you can sleep, be with your partner or other children, etc)
  • Informal photography of your new family
  • Light housekeeping (including laundry, dishes, etc)
  • Running errands

Scheduling postpartum doula care

Bath TimeMany families (especially after a long birth, Cesarean section, or multiples) want support immediately after the birth for overnights, ensuring that the parents can get as much sleep as possible so they can be more alert and attentive for their newborn and family during the day.

Some families prefer to have at least 6 weeks of regular help a few times a week during the day. Other families prefer to taper care, with more visits during the first few days, gradually decreasing over the next few weeks.

Many mothers want extra support and company when their partner returns to work, so they are not alone with the infant all day.

OdranI would love to meet with your family during pregnancy to get comfortable with you and discuss your projected needs and timeframe. I will try to be flexible with dates and changes in needs once the baby is actually here.

I believe every woman deserves support in the postpartum period. Let’s talk about what services your family particularly needs. Please give me a call: (707) 535-9309.