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About your doula, O’Nell

Young O'Nell
Here I am at age nine.

Let me introduce myself. My name is O’Nell Starkey and I am a very responsible, nurturing, attentive, loving woman excited about helping people become more fully themselves.

I have adored children since I was a young child myself. I have been babysitting and working in nursery schools and camps for the past 15 years for children of all ages, ranging from newborn to teenagers. I have been a full- or part-time nanny for many families across the country and have loved the deep relationships we have created together.

I earned my BA in Early Childhood Education from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. This program focused on mindfully ‘being’ with children. It involved training in sensitivity to the uniqueness of each child, as opposed to trying to pinhole children into a prescribed model of learning or care. I try to be completely present, open, and respectful (not to mention silly, playful, and joyous!) with them. My minors were Ecopsychology and Visual Arts.

The more I studied child development, the more I became aware of the importance of the perinatal period (pregnancy, birth, and postpartum). This precious time lays the foundation for trust and connection that can affect each of us throughout our life. I trained to be a certified ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators) birth doula in 2004. I provide emotional and physical support for the mother and family throughout the pregnancy and birth and help with postpartum adjustment. I have helped many families integrate and celebrate the newest additions into their families and I see the role of postpartum doula as a perfect arena to support families.

My love of children and my passion for empowering women and families led me to begin my training as a midwife in 2005. I am currently a student with the National Midwifery Institute. I have recently completed the Heart and Hands Beginning and Advanced midwifery courses, which focus on the practical, interpersonal, and intuitive components of midwifery care in the perinatal period.

CordI spent two months in Bali, Indonesia apprenticing at a birth center, witnessing the beautiful rituals and community support that surrounds pregnancy and birth there. I studied with Robin Lim, a holistic midwife and author of “After the Baby’s Birth.”

I also apprenticed at a high volume birth center in Mexico, where I assisted many natural births, helped mothers and babies with breastfeeding, and learned some traditional healing techniques for the postpartum period (such as rebozo work and cupping). I completed a year long apprenticeship with a homebirth midwife in Sonoma County doing prenatal care, births, and postpartum appointments.

I have a clean driving record and no criminal record. I have my certification in infant and adult CPR. I am a certified infant massage instructor (CIMI), trained by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I have also been trained as a Lactation Specialist and love working to support families in establishing and maintaining rewarding breastfeeding relationships.

I truly believe in women’s instincts and the ability of families to make healthy decisions when they are supported and feel safe. I choose to work with families in the perinatal period because it is an area where I can use the best of my skills: empathetic listening, honest communication, compassion, and nurturing caregiving. As a postpartum doula, I believe my work with families fosters health and peace at large in our society.