Earth Angel Doula Care: Welcoming Your Newest Earth Angel







Why do you need a postpartum doula?

O'Nell teaching infant massageThe postpartum period is a hopeful and idealistic time as you welcome your new baby and adjust to the blessings of being a parent. Any parent will also testify that this time can also be physically and emotionally challenging as identity and relationships change, hormones fluctuate, and sleep schedules are altered. In many cultures, families have built-in support systems for this major life transition, such as extended family or community that offer food, childcare, rituals, etc.

A bonding and rest period after the birth is essential to every family’s health, both immediately and long-term. Hiring a postpartum doula can help you make this transition with ease and beauty.

How can I support you?

What can I do to help you feel more comfortable and confident? How can I support you so you can best nourish yourself and your baby?

  • O'Nell with newborn and big brotherLet me do your dishes so you can snuggle with your little one…
  • Let me give you a massage to relax and heal your powerful body...
  • Let me swaddle your fussy newborn and rock her to sleep…
  • Let me read to and play with your other kids so you can catch up with your partner…
  • Let me cook you nutritious food or bring you snacks while you are breastfeeding…

Breastfeeding twinsHow smart of you to want to offer such sensitive support to yourself and those you love. My goal is to support your evolving style of parenting and offer services and resources that complement your family.